Corporate law

Creation of business and legal monitoring of listed or unlisted companies:

  • choice of legal form and incorporation
  • choice of the status of director, tax and employment scheme
  • legal secretary
  • relationships with auditors
  • statutory modifications
  • monitoring of regulated agreements

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Associate Relations

  • organization of power in the business, social mandates, governance choices
  • Associate agreements / shareholder agreements: a right to information, participation in decisions or contractual protection of minority groups, relations between the associate groups, law and obligations of institutional investors, future purchase and sale
  • changing relationships between different categories of associates / shareholders: family, industrial, financial, staff assembled capital

Operations on capital and high balance

  • capital increase
  • strengthening of funds (entry into the capital from private investors or institutions)
  • employee share ownership (stock options, bonus shares)
  • issuance of hybrid securities

Contribution, merger, demerger, dissolution, liquidation of companies

  • partial asset
  • fusion
  • division
  • shelving
  • dissolution
  • voluntary liquidation

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