Competition law, consumer law, distribution

Advice and strategy of distribution and distribution network:

  • Negotiation and drafting of distribution agreements and establishment of distribution networks (intermediate or resellers): distribution contracts, supply and referencing of franchise, committee membership, license, concession, reservation of territorial area and priority implementation of intermediate commercial contracts, agents, forwarders
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale and intermediation
  • Assisting in the reorganization of distribution networks and the breakdown of distribution contracts
  • Assistance in breach of sales agent contracts
  • Preparation of Pre-contractual Information Documents (PID)
  • Writing business documents, including the general conditions of sale and purchase
  • Preparation and validation of communications networks for distributors
  • Validation of external communication operations and promotions

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Competition Law

  • Compliance analysis of trade relations with competition law
  • Formulation of policy recommendations on detection of anticompetitive practices
  • Managing situations of abuse of dominant position
  • Assistance in the context of competition investigations
  • Assistance and representation before the Competition Council, the European Commission and any appeals
  • Assistance and representation in the context of a notification of a merger with national and community competition law

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